Hard/Technical Services

Technical Services

The Technical Division supports building utility services by providing the necessary and required technical support.
We specialize in all aspects of Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing services for both commercial & residential buildings.
We provide incomparable maintenance services & engineering experts using low cost automation and most effective methods.

We are committed to offer the most innovative, cost-effective solutions as follows:

MEP Systems

  • M - (Mechanical) = HVAC, Laundry, Boiler, Heat Pump, Kitchen, Elevators and Escalators.
  • E - (Electrical) = Transformers, Breakers, Panels, DBs and DG Sets.
  • P - (Plumbing) = WTP, HEP, STP, ETP, Hydrant n Sprinkler systems, Water Bodies Swimming Pool and Water Chemical Dosing.

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